1977 : Creation of Lainé Mécanique in Denguin (Machining)

1977 : Creation of Lainé Mécanique in Denguin (Machining)

Creation of Lainé Mécanique, company specialized in machining, boilermaking, welding, which has acquired for nearly 40 years skills and knowledge’s to answer to its customers’ requirements.

1985 : Creation of the boilermaking workshop in Lescar

LM chooses to vary its activities by developing boilermaking and welding at the same times as the machining activity. This strategy allows LM to offer to its customers a complete answer to their needs.

1996 : Centralization of the 2 workshops in Lescar

LM centralizes on the same site, in Lescar, the 2 workshops (machining and boilermaking-welding) to improve reactivity.

2006 : API Certifications

LM took steps to be recorded by the American Petroleum Institute and then obtains the following specifications:  – API Q1 (system)  – API 6A: flanges and adaptors  – API 7: threads of pipes, drill collars and crossovers More informations

2009 : ISO 9001-V2008 Certification

LM obtains the ISO 9001-V2008 certification and renew its API certifications

2015 : Developing LM

LM is investing to modernize its facilities and workshops. This will allow to answering more carefully and efficiently to the customer’s needs.

2019 : Lainé Mécanique

Lainé Mécanique is reinventing in “LMéca” and updated its image.